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The Hufflepuff House gets the love with this precious 3 piece set inspired by the Wizarding world of Harry Potter! Relive Dumbledore giving the speech upon Cedric Diggory being offed by Lord Voldemort every time you brush your teeth! This set is not only great in the bathroom -- but -- in the office too! Use the dispenser for hand sanitizer and the germs will be scourgified away! The holder makes for great pen/pencil receptacle. And the dish is just right for paperclips, rubber bands & staplers! Dispenser with Sorting Hat and Hufflepuff House Crest measures approximately 3"x7" - the Holder with the Golden Snitch & Diggory 07 measures approximately 3"x4" and the dish with the Hufflepuff Badger is around 3"x5"  Made from dolomite. Painted gold. Embelishments in vinyl of various colors. 

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Bathroom Set - 3pc - Dispenser - Holder - Dish

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