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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter comes to life with this adorable bathroom set inspired by the JK Rowling series. The Gryffindor house colors are prominent in this set - a gold background with three pieces that harken back to Harry's younger years at Hogwarts. 

The dispenser has the magical sorting hat depicted over the famous glasses with lightning bolt scar. We all know Harry ended up in Gryffindor ...on the reverse side is a depiction of the emblem. Measures approximately 3"x4" with vinyl embellishments on dolomite. 

Then there's the holder that has the beautiful golden snitch on one side, on the other our version of the Nymbus 2000... the broom Harry Potter used to become a legendary seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Brown and gold vinyl on gold dolomite measuring approximately 3"x4"

Finally... the dish...where it all started... Harry's acceptance letter into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Cream & the signature red on a gold dolomite dish. Measures approximately 3"x5" 

Note -- these sets are not just great for bathroom. Take a set to the office too! They are perfect for sanitizer and lotion -- pens and pencils -- and as a paperclip or rubber band holder!  Get a set for the kids bathroom and their study too! 

If you are more about the later years in Harry Potter - or perhaps you are a ravenclaw, slytherin or hufflepuff - we can customize these sets to fit your vision! Just send Cricket a message.

Harry Potter Inspired Bathroom Set 3PC - Gold -Harry's Early Years at Hogwarts

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