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Enter the Wizarding world of Harry Potter every time you step into the bathroom with this set! Made from dolomite, it features three pieces... holder, tray & dispenser. The group is set in Gryffindor house colors!  The holder has the Hogwart's Crest on one side and the symbol for Gryffindor on the other. Use it for toothbrushes in the bathroom or for pens & pencils in the office!  The phrase "Was your hands ALWAYS" is on the dispenser that can be used for soap, lotion or hand sanitizer!  On the opposite side is the signature H P.  Send your grad off to college with this set -- or it's great for kids bathrooms and nursery.    Tray has the iconic Harry Potter glasses and lightning bolt for the Boy Who Lived. Toss your keys in, keep it in the bathroom or have it on the office desk for paper clips & rubber bands!  Measurements: Holder- 2"x 2.5" x 4"  Dispenser - 2.5" x 2.5" x 7"  Tray - 3.5" x 5.5" Be sure to check out our other Harry Potter themed bathroom set & items! 

Want it personalized? We can do that! Include email and we'll whip up a Potter potion that even Hermione would be proud of! 

Harry Potter Wizard Bathroom Set - Hogwart's - Lightning Bolt - Harry Glasses -

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