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This is the Way to a great gift for dad/brother/uncle/grampa if they are a fan of the Star Wars Universe and especially the Mandalorian! 

This 3 pc set features a likeness of the two main characters of the hit show created by Jon Favreau (ya know, the same guy who brought us "Elf" and was a huge part of the "Avengers" franchise). The dish has Mando set inside the word "Mandalorian" in black vinyl. The dispenser  has the man himself - Mando - in black vinyl. And in green, Grogu - the one we call Baby Yoda is seen on the holder. All 3 pieces have a gray base. 

This set is great for a ton of uses! Don't just think bathroom! They are good for kitchen and as a focus piece on a desk in the office or computer/gaming room! The dispenser can hold hand sanitizer or lotion as well as soap or other liquids! The holder is ideal not just for toothbrushes -- but -- also for pens, pencils, hairbrush, screwdrivers, cricut tools & more! Plus the dish is a great catch all for dad's keys - or rubber bands, paper clips, etc on the desk! 

Dish measures approximately 3"x5"
Holder measures approximately 2"x4"
Dispenser measures approximately 2"x7"

Disney Inspired 3PC Set | Mandalorian | Baby Yoda | Grogu | Mando | Star Wars |

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