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Get two décor pieces in one with reversible canvases. Side A features art for the spooky - Halloween - for a fall season display then just FLIP the canvas over for the Christmas Holidays! We've put a lot of thought into matching the fringes and colors to fit the same style so that the transition is seamless from one season to the next. Select from three different styles: Queen of Horror --> Xmas Dead Inside Skull or Happy Halloween Jack O Lantern --> Winter Wonderland Ice Skates or Spooky Framed Purple Cat --> Grumpy "Fine. Merry Christmas" Cat

Each canvas measures 11X14 and hangs with a colorful ribbon for easy display! Each canvas has a combination of transfer & vinyl to create the stunning look.

Reversible Canvas Art! Flip from Halloween / Fall to Christmas / Winter

$22.99 Regular Price
$20.69Sale Price
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