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Perfect for any Stranger Things fan! This full set of gear inspired by the Netflix hit will make a perfect gift for Christmas, Birthday or to Celebrate Halloween! Included in the set:

Night Light - Plugs into the wall. Features a silhouette of a figure playing guitar as lightning and bats stream down. Durable plastic.

Keychain - Has a baseball bat with nails, tassel, and "babysitter" icon on a plastic round. Each piece measures around 2 inches.

Potion Bottles - Mind Flayer & Master of Puppets Bat Repellent. Both offer swirl affect when shaken that lasts about 30 minutes until shaken again. Glass with wax seal. Approximately 4 inches in height.

"I Didn't Run" ambient wall lamp - Features the same silhouette and glows red. Battery operated! No electricity required. Measures approximately 10.5 inches in diameter. Durable plastic.

Christmas Lights Canvas - Lights up! Battery Operated, does not require electricity. When hanging on the wall, no cord mess! 11X14

Eggo Waffle Plaque - Thin wooden plaque that has the saying "Friends Don't Lie" in vinyl. Meaures approximately 6.5 inches in diameter. Perfect for a locker!

Lip Gloss - Crafted from petroleum jelly and flavoring, easy to apply! Two container types included. Balm cylinder has the saying "We Make Our Own Rules" & round container features the phrase "There's More to Life than Stupid Boys"

Look for these items for sale individually in my Etsy shop! This bulk order saves you more than 10% and qualifies for free shipping.

Stranger Things Set

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