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Beach Lovers follow your heart to the cuteness of this tin pail! The phrase "Followed my Heart  It Led me to the Beach" in brown vinyl set against an ocean blue & white striped tin pail. Embellished with a message in a bottle. 


Our Signature Tin pails are the perfect solution to small storage needs for every room! Use them in the.... Office: pens, pencils, paper clips, etc. Bathroom: Qtips, Cotton Balls, Toobrushes, etc. Bedroom: Nail clippers, reading glasses, jewelry, etc. Living Room: Remotes!!! Kitchen: Utensils, Rollers, Napkins, etc. The uses are endless!  Measures approximately 4"x5" in various colors. 

Tin Pail: "Followed My Heart it Led Me to the Beach" Ocean Blue &White Striped

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