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If you live by the motto "Sunrise, Suntan, Sunset, Repeat" then this little pail will make a great addition to your bathroom, beach bag or anywhere you wanna crank up your beach presence! Blue gloss vinyl lettering set on an ocean blue & white striped bucket with matte palm trees on each side. 


Our Signature Tin pails are the perfect solution to small storage needs for every room! Use them in the.... Office: pens, pencils, paper clips, etc. Bathroom: Qtips, Cotton Balls, Toobrushes, etc. Bedroom: Nail clippers, reading glasses, jewelry, etc. Living Room: Remotes!!! Kitchen: Utensils, Rollers, Napkins, etc. The uses are endless!  Measures approximately 4"x5" in various colors. 

Tin Pail: "Sunrise Suntan Sunset Repeat" Ocean Blue Striped

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