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This customizable tin pail has the "This is Us Our Life Our Story Our Home" message in black vinyl on a white pail. Great for almost any room in the house!  Ideal for storage of items such as: qtips, cotton balls, hair products, toothbrush, dental floss, nail clippers, pens/pencils, paperclips, scissors - the list is limitless! Also great for a guest room. Can be personalized with a family name beneath the original message! Measures approximately 4"x5" 


This item can be customized. Add a family name for no additional fee!

Our Signature Tin pails are the perfect solution to small storage needs for every room! Use them in the.... Office: pens, pencils, paper clips, etc. Bathroom: Qtips, Cotton Balls, Toobrushes, etc. Bedroom: Nail clippers, reading glasses, jewelry, etc. Living Room: Remotes!!! Kitchen: Utensils, Rollers, Napkins, etc. The uses are endless!  Measures approximately 4"x5" in various colors. 

Tin Pail: "This is Us" on White

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